Used "beta" boards (that worked)

Shaper Bio



From mushy flat faced wave to double overhead barrels and all the fun stuff in-between.


Special thanks to

www.westcoastsurfshots.com  ANd eric massey


High performance
Light, fast and maneuverable​.
Quad, Truster or trailers.

We take pride in producing surfboards that use the latest design concepts.

And enjoy pushing the limits and advancing the art of the surfboard.

Hand built surfboards using the finest materials available.

US Blanks, featuring custom rockers developed from testing and refining.

Hexcel Warp fiberglass and Acrylic modified polyester UV resin.

FCS Fusion fin boxes.

Surfboards can be custom made, cured and available as quick as two weeks.

Price range shortboards $325 on up.

Fins not included and local pick up only.

Matty Surfboards